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>GREAT IDEA!!!! I've been thinking about it for a long time too, but
>amount of work involved would be incredible! Wouldn't it be cool if
>can do it with the StarCraft engine?

The best terrain type would be space of course. With floating asteroids
as resources.

Now that we're here, it seems that there's as much a desire for a good
Gundam strategy game as there is for a good Gundam combat simulator
(many of which are already out there but are lacking in one aspect or

Here are a few ideas for such a strategy game:

a. Resources and production ala Starcraft/Warcraft
b. Upgrades ala Master of Orion with a few modifications:
    Either side starts with a prototype (a Gundam, for instance)
    The prototype can be upgraded in several aspects
        Armor (e.g. luna titanium to gundarium)
        Weapons (e.g. shells to beam weaponry)
        Fancy Pants (e.g. transformation or fin funnels)
        Construction (e.g. Coreblock/Moncoque to Movable frame)
    A prototype has to be used in combat to be tested (it accumulates
        battle points or something...)
    Once a prototype accumulates sufficient test points, then it can
        be mass produced at a cheaper cost (e.g. Gundams as GMs)
c. Add in territorial politics and economics to add more strategy:
    Each side starts with a solid territory: Feds have Side 7, Zeon has
Side 3
    Between them are 'neutral' territories: Sides 2-6, Two Lunar Cities,
    Each territory has a unique benefit (e.g. Von Braun and Anaheim can
speed up
        MS production, Side 6 can give intelligence info)
    Each territory's population has a 'tolerance level' for the conflict

        (reminiscent of the original MechWarrior--a territory's native
        can get hostile towards you depending on what you do to them).
    Ships can finally have a pratical purpose (as MS carriers or mobile
d. Combat occurs whenever forces of either side meet at a particular
    (if you've played Star Control One or Wing Commander Armada, it's
    like that)
e. The winner is the side which wipes out the other from Earthspace.

A further thought, but goes beyond the scope of the Gundam universe
(like we usually do): (we can call it an 'expansion set' to our
theoretical strategy game)

    Add in Jupiterspace as additional combat territories:
        You'd have four moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto)
        Numerous orbiting factories
        Another side to the conflict (Jupiter Energy Fleet) and
            more MS designs and ships....

Of course, if ideas were the only problem, we'd already have the Gundam
game we always wanted (in whatever form). Unfortunately, game designers
still have to plead their case to the producers.

"It's money, not love, which makes the world go round...."


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