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> Oh, that's not true at all!
> People are _more_ than willing to work on it now, but just as the
> ancient greeks couldn't have possible achieved flight technology or
> Bessimer converters, so is this technology beyond the current state of our
> own currently.

We are at a point in technology today that allows anything to be researched,
engineered, and built, as long as proper funding is available. No dough, no
go. Cold Fusion is one decade, or one billion dollars away from fact. Real
space travel as anywhere from 10 years to 10 centuries away, based on how
much the world is willing the spend on it. Technology today is directly
proportional to the amount of money pumped into it. New technology equals
more money spent on it. What cost $60 million to produce 50 years ago would
cost $30 billion today, and come in past do and over budget. Impossible does
not exist, but too expensive does.

> No. It's effectively a much more powerful Ion-like engine of some type,
> I don't recall the details. What I do recall is that it produces a
> beautiful hot blue-white colored 'plume' that looks surprisingly like a
> MS-engine-flame!
> As for Bussard Rams, they're a pretty hopeless idea for real
> interstellar travel.

This Hall-Effect drive sounds really neat. If you can find more on it, and
some links, I would be very grateful.

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