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Sat, 03 Apr 1999 09:08:23 +0800

GREAT IDEA!!!! I've been thinking about it for a long time too, but the

amount of work involved would be incredible! Wouldn't it be cool if you

can do it with the StarCraft engine?

Here's what I'd come up with:

Terran = EMF Protoss = Zion Zerg =

SCV = Ball Probe = Worker Zaku Drone
Marine = GM (gun) Zealot = Gouf Zergling
Firebat = GM (saber) Dragoon = Zaku (machine gun) Hydralisk
Ghost = GM Sniper Templar = Dom (bazooka) Lurker
Medic = Ball II Dark Templar = Giam Mutalisk
Siege Tank = GunTank Archon = Ziong Guardian
Goliath = GunCannon Dark Archon = BigZam Devourer
Wraith = Core Fighter Scout = Dopps Fighter Scourge
ScienceVessel=WhiteBase Arbiter = Azzam Queen
Valkyrie = Core Booster Corsair = Dodai Bomber Overlord
BattleCruiser = Salamis Carrier = Elmeth Difliler
Vulture = GM Custom Observer = Recon Zaku Ultralisk

Hero unit = Gundam Hero Unit = Char's Gelgoog

What do you guys think? This will make a killer mutliplayer gaming


yeah...starcraft was a great success, gundam is very popular, so put
them together and what do you get...a really great
game...and since there's battlenet,you can play online with friends...i
guess it allows atleast 8 players in a game.... i think
warcraft can also be converted to a gundam game but starcraft suits it
more because it's a little more futuristic... and they'd all be
saying entaro tassadar and stuff like that =)

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