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> I heard this "Aurora" superduper secret jet that has been alleged to
> exist, and Tom Clancy confirming, possibley runs on this "pulse"
> engine. Photos of the ringed smoke trails in aviation magazines and
> the whole bit.
> Well, they brought the flying wing back, so why not. But using something
> the Nazi's used on their rockets? Ick.

The "Aurora" isn't supposed to use a pulse engine. It's supposed to be a
waverider that uses very high performance engines and its basic shape to
achieve speeds of up to Mach 8. I've heard mention of using slush hydrogen as
fuel, which would make some sense. A waverider uses its wedge-like shape to
form an envelope of atmosphere under and behind it. It then dumps and ignites
fuel into this "plenum" as one gigantic afterburner. The engines are mounted
below and inside the fuselage, which also works great for stealthing the
plane's signature. At least, that's what I remember hearing. Which is why the
Zeta Plus always stuck me as truly inspired, since it to has a waverider
shape and function.

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