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> Hey, if that's the case, then what's the difference between say, a
> 2-stroke car engine and a V8, or more to this ML, the difference between a
> Ball and a F91? The differences are important, so please don't just dismiss
> them.
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I'm not dismissing differences, I'm showing like for like. Both the 2-srtoke
and the V8 are internal combustion reciprocating engines used to provide
power to commercial vehicles. Both the Ball and the F91 are mobile suits used
by Earth Federation forces. Like for like. The 2-stroke is smaller than the
V8, but has a higher output to volume ratio than the V8, while the V8 has a
much higher total output than the 2-stroke. The Ball is a pathetic attempt at
countering a Zaku, while the F91 is a whole order of magnitude of technology
greater than any Ball ever made. The Ball can only operate in a zero gee
environment, while the F91 can operate in any climate or environment in earth
space. Differences. I wasn't dismissing, I was categorizing.

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