re: [gundam] Char??

Doc (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 18:30:13 +0800

>anyone think this guy looks like Char?
>Is this a joke or something?

They've got the general outfit down cold. But without the face and the
colors, they're likely to weasle out of any lawsuits.

But looking at it under the 'Chess II' moniker's given me a quaint idea:

A Gundam Chess Game!

Feds (White) vs. Zeon (Red)!

Think about it... how's this for a lineup:

Pawns: GMs and Zakus
Knight: Alex and Gelgoog Jaeger
Bishop: Zeta and Quebley
Rook: GP02 and Gerbera Tetra
Queen: Nu Gundam and Sazabi
King: Original RX-78 and MSN-02 Jiong

And the pieces could be fully posable...

Even better: a computer version... with fight sequences whenever one
piece attacks another (remember Battle Chess?).

Ah well...


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