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> this anything like the pulse engines that people say will be used in future
> aircraft?

The pulse concept is the same, but the method of pulsing is different. The
Germans in WWII used a pulsing rocket engine to propel the V-1 rocket, or
Buzz Boom. The Buzz Boom's code name came from the buzzing noise made by the
pulse engine. The US Navy has been experimenting with pulsed engine cruise
missiles for the past decade, but I have heard little on any successes to
date. A starship size pulse drive could very easily be made today by simple
deploying a thermonuclear warhead behind a space craft with a large, and very
thick, blast shield mounted on it. Then detonate the warhead. Then detonate
another. And another. And anther. And so on, until the spacecraft reaches its
desired speed. Slowing down just involves flipping the craft over and
deploying warheads in front of it. Of course, exploding hydrogen-2 pellets
would be safer. Or just using injected hydrogen scooped up from the
interstellar medium. The point is that pulsed propulsion works fine, is very
economical, efficient, and can be used today, with today's technology.

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