[gundam] Easter @ NorWest'er

-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:13:51 -0800

I'll be incommunicado for the next three days -- Friday, 2 April to Sunday,
4 April -- as I'll be too busy to log in. I'm doing five panels at the
Northwest Regional Science Fiction Convention (NorWesCon 22). The con
actually started this afternoon, but my first panel isn't until tomorrow

I'll be a panelist on:

Space Force 2000: The Military In Space (1 of 2) 4/2/99 @ 10am

You Can Find It On The Internet (1 of 6) 4/2/99 @ 2pm

Application of 3D Technology (1 of 5) 4/3/99 @ 10pm

Space Launch Disasters (1 of 4) 4/4/99 @ 11am

Hey! Where's My Hover Car? (Moderator, 1 of 5) 4/4/99 @ 1pm

The last panel, which I'm moderating, is all about predictions of the year
2000 over the last century and how the future ain't what it used to be.
The others are pretty much reflective of my various areas of expertise.

I expect that Monday, 5 April, will be just about shot playing catch-up,
both at work and at home, so I'll probably be off-line until Tuesday, 6 April.

'Til then, then....


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