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>> little robot probe to Mars for nothing. I know we didn't send a probe to the
>> moon, we didn't make half the preparations then in the 60s that we do now
> Incorrect, we sent _several_ probes to the moon.

Probe knows his probes. We sent three entirely different _series_ of probes.

The Ranger program made two fly-bys (36,808 km in Jan 1962 and 735 km in
October 1962), two unplanned crashes (April 1962 and January 1964) and
three hard landings (planned crashes) that returned thousands of pictures
prior to impact (4,306 in July 1964; 7,137 in February 1965 & 5,814 in
March 1965).

The Surveyor program had seven fully successful soft landings in June &
September 1966; April, July, September & November 1967 and January 1968.

The Lunar Orbiter program was a bit of a misnomer, as it dropped five
probes onto the Moon a la Ranger, in August & November 1966 and February,
May & August 1967. The goal here was to take wide-angle and telephoto
pictures on the way down to proposed landing sites to map the area for
future manned missions.

That's 19 probes in all.


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