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> Hmmm...Matt, been thinking about the same thing far, I've
>collected a attack group of two zakuFZ's a 08ms zaku, two goufs and two
>flight types; against them are three GM's , the ez8 and the 78 thingie from
>08th. modified colors for the zakus are black and midnight blue, while the
>feds have gray and red, with some other piping...
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yeah I've been trying to decide what would look good on a zeon squad... I was
thinking maybe black and a metallic violet or ruby red. Hey, I'm gonna need
something to do this summer. Besides, I think that a little MG squad would be

>>then I figure get
>>the Dom when it comes out this summer and maybe one o them Zakus (yeah I don't
>>have a Zaku kit, so sue me! bah, I was gonna get around to it, honest!) and
>>throw together my own little squadron. (it's a bit easier to be creative when
>>you're not putting a gundam together, I think.)
>Really? Are people just afraid to add a mustache here, and an open chest
>cannon there...?

heheh. You a bit sore about the Turn-A gundam, huh? Actually, I like to paint my
gundams how they look in artwork - I think for me personally its because there's
only ONE gundam in each series (okay, sort of - there were three prototypes in
0083, and Z gundam had those few MK IIs, but you get my point) so there were
never really any personality quirks added to them. But the zeon suits, the
possibilties are endless, and I'm sure that there are a couple of really good GM
paint jobs out there, too. (like a camo-GM, that'd be cool, or one for night ops
and stuff... maybe even snowflauge on the GM-arctic units).

>I recommned both the B/C and the A. If you had to choose, I'd go with the
>B/C since you can build one of two designs. As for the Zaku, if you are not
>going to paint at all, get the F/J. If you don't mind a little painting,
>get either the R1 or the R2A high mobility ones, or better yet, a PG Zaku!

heheh, thanks. I think I'm gonna order both gelgoogs but I'm not sure which
Zaku, yet. as for the PG kit? well, if I had the time to build it, money to pay
for it, dedication to keep working on it, or space to keep it, maybe I'd get it.
For now I can deal with 12-inch tall MG kits (or however tall they are,

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