Re: [gundam] Civilian Space Travel

Der UberHanyok (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 22:16:50 -0500

>> > Which is why Mars won't be reached by Man for another 50-100 years at
>> Actually we have had the technology for years to put men on Mars, and
> In the same way that we 'have' the technology to make sub-ocean
>colonies. I.e., the basic technologies are there, but we simply aren't
>ready to do it in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
> -Probe

of course the important word here is "cost-effective" - I'm sure it could be
done very efficiently if money wasn't an issue, but then again, so could most
things. (I have this little theory that humanity shouldn't be so concerned with
dollars and should strive for more... noble... goals, but that's gettin a bit
too off topic.)

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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