Re: [gundam] I need some feedback on HLJ!

Mike O'Connor (
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:02:55 +0000

First Rainbow Ten has a new address:
The .or changed to a .ne.

At 10:00 PM 3/31/99 EST, demonstrated his ignorance when
he wrote:
>But, HLJ accepts money orders. Rainbow Ten doesn't. If he doesn't have a
>credit, he will have to order from HLJ or an american store that has their
>prices set too high.

Rainbow Ten accepts money orders. I paid for all of my R10 purchases with
US international postal money orders. What made you think they didn't take

Be sure you get the right type of IMO from the clerk at the post office.
You want the type you mail straight to Rainbow Ten not the type that needs
to go through St Louis.

How does R10 compare?

Rainbow Ten has a better selection of kits. Everything on the kit list is
in stock. R10 gets restocks more frequently. Their customer service is
faster and more helpful. They do a great job packaging kits.

On the down side, their web site is primitive. Since Japanese and English
spelling may differ, you might need to search their big list of anime kits
by hand instead of relying on the find function on your browser. They don't
have many illustrations but if you ask, they'll put up an image of a kit
you're interested in.


Mike (who should have ordered the Promaxis Zee when he had the chance)

- Mike O'Connor
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