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Mark Nguyen writes,

>-First GM (GM-A?) developed from the Gundam prototype at Jaburo. First
>GMs in combat there. Soon, production of this first type commenced at
>Luna Two.

  Yep. The Jaburo attack in which we first see the GM takes place at the
end of November 0079, though it's claimed that small numbers of
pre-production GMs were used in Operation Odessa in early November. 08th MS
Team, of course, has prototypes in action a month before _that_...

>-In parallel with the main GM, the L and SC types are developed and put
>into very limited prodution for the reasons Mark S. outlined.

  Or, if not exactly in parallel, then soon thereafter.

>-The "next wave" comes shortly therafter, with minor upgrades and
>further specialization. The C variant is the next "main" model, miwth
>upgrades all around. The D variant is speciallized for cold terrestrial
>climates, while the E variant finds space its new home.

  The E is supposed to be a prototype or per-production model, the
spacegoing twin to the RGM-79[G]; as such it pre-dates the regular GM,
though it's animated to look exactly like the C type.

  For more brain-twisting fun, I note that the C type is supposed to be a
post-war model, produced sometime between UC 0080 and 0083... even though
it looks less radically revised than the Gundam 0080 variants.

>-While this is happening, the next major generation of fighting machine
>is coming to pass. The G and GS variants, for ground and space
>respectively, are marked departures from the original GM design
>paradigm, and are based on combat data from hundreds of pilots and
>machines over the last months.

  Fair enough. These surely couldn't have been introduced prior to December
0079. And since none appear to be stationed with the Operation Star One
fleets, I'd say they appeared in the latter half of the month - possibly
manufactured exclusively at Jaburo or California Base, rather than the Luna
Two base where the Star One fleets were gathered.

>-Once the OYW is over, the designers found themselves with not much
>reason to continue designing new technologies, and a streamlined budget
>following the end of hostilities. Going over the plethora of GM designs,
>analysts decide that the most effective and economical thing to do is to
>continue producing the most effective all-around GM for universal MS
>applications. In other words, the GM-C is chosen, and the other designs
>are abandonned.

  Ah, so you posit that the C type was an earlier model to which the
production lines reverted? Not a bad theory. Alternatively, you could allow
for the C type being designed after the war (they don't _have_ to be
produced in alphabetical order), but reason that the Federation reverted to
a simpler design that stuck pretty closely to the original GM, just as the
United States military keeps upgrading its classic fighter designs.

>-In the interm, AE manages to secure bids for limited-production models
>using advanced technologies. Thus, the GM-N Custom is created. Also, the
>Powered GM variant testbed and other minor variants are tested, although
>for whatever reason the Fed military design of "numerous simple MS"

  The Powered GM was a custom job used to gather flight data for the GP01,
plain and simple. There seem to have been at least two (we see a trashed
one at the Torrington base), but they're nothing more than testbeds for the
new backpack.

  As for the N type, I don't think Anaheim was involved in its creation.
Its design is sort of a hybrid of the C type GM and the Alex, arguably with
a slight influence from the GM Sniper Custom and GM Sniper II. As such, it
seems more like a new design than a mere GM refit (should be the RGM-82 or
something, grumble grumble). Its purpose - offering ace pilots a mobile
suit that doesn't cramp their style - places it in the tradition of the GM
Light Armor and Sniper Custom. And from this we get the GM Quell, a slight
variant for the elite pilots of the Titans force.

In short, circa 0083 we have three primary types of GM...

  RGM-79C GM Kai for general-purpose combat
  RGC-83 GM Cannon II for support tasks
  RGM-79N GM Custom for ace pilots

  This is the same scheme used during the One Year War, with the 0083 units
replacing the regular GM, GM Cannon, and GM Light Armor/Sniper Custom
respectively. The Federation periodically flirts with space- and
ground-specialized designs, as in 08th MS Team and Gundam 0080, but never
puts them into full production.

-- Mark

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