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>In a nutshell, we can divide these guys into three categories:
>upgrades (the C type, the GM II, et al), localized variants (the 08th
>Team prototypes, the G and GS types, the D type), and customized units
>ace pilots (the L type, SC type, and perhaps the SP type). So far as I
>know, Luna Two and Jaburo were the primary production sites, and after
>California Base was recaptured at the end of the war it probably became
>major GM factory as well.

This is interesting. So, following a rough "timeline" of GM development,
during the OYW, and assuming sequential letters for model development,
you get something like this:

-First GM (GM-A?) developed from the Gundam prototype at Jaburo. First
GMs in combat there. Soon, production of this first type commenced at
Luna Two.

-In parallel with the main GM, the L and SC types are developed and put
into very limited prodution for the reasons Mark S. outlined.

-The "next wave" comes shortly therafter, with minor upgrades and
further specialization. The C variant is the next "main" model, miwth
upgrades all around. The D variant is speciallized for cold terrestrial
climates, while the E variant finds space its new home. All three are
put into limited production, possibly in new factories meant to
complement existing facilities at Jaburo, Luna II and (by now?)
California. Some find their way into UNT bases in Antarctica and in
space, but nothing in great numbers before the end of the war.

-While this is happening, the next major generation of fighting machine
is coming to pass. The G and GS variants, for ground and space
respectively, are marked departures from the original GM design
paradigm, and are based on combat data from hundreds of pilots and
machines over the last months. Among things, they have two beam sabers,
many more verniers, and a whole mess of technological innovations. The
SP variant is again developed in parallel. New units of these GMs are
sent to areas of space where the Feds are expanding their spere of
influence, and aboard newer ships; this explains the presence of the new
GMs on Side 6 and on board the Grey Phantom. Very few are produced from
(space based?) factories before the end of the war.

-Once the OYW is over, the designers found themselves with not much
reason to continue designing new technologies, and a streamlined budget
following the end of hostilities. Going over the plethora of GM designs,
analysts decide that the most effective and economical thing to do is to
continue producing the most effective all-around GM for universal MS
applications. In other words, the GM-C is chosen, and the other designs
are abandonned. Current GMs see continued use, but are eventually
retired as design-specific parts run out and GM-C production replaces
the other machines. By 0083, GM-Cs account for nearly all Fed MS.

-In the interm, AE manages to secure bids for limited-production models
using advanced technologies. Thus, the GM-N Custom is created. Also, the
Powered GM variant testbed and other minor variants are tested, although
for whatever reason the Fed military design of "numerous simple MS"

-In 0084, after the loss of a HECK of a lot of GMs and warships at
Solomon, some more interm designs begin cropping up. The GM-Q variant
sees limited production until more permenant replacements can be
manufactured. GM-Qs see service with many of the first Titans units.

-Ultimately, the GMII is introduced and replaces most GMs in service. It
accounts for next to all Fed forces by 0087.

How does this sound?

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