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Mark Simmons (scorpio@best.com)
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Hi folks,

  Julie asked me to pass this along to the folks on the list. Since we're
all big Gundam fans here, she thought you'd appreciate an update on what's
in store for Viz's edition of the Gundam 0079 comic...

-- Mark


In case you picked up the first issue and thought "my god! The reproduction
is terrible!" you're right. It was a printing problem which we've solved
now, and you can rest assured that future issues will NOT look like that.
(grr! - they sure won't!) It's especially annoying too, since the letters
in issue 2, responding to the preview copies I sent out, are mostly really
positive. Argh!

Hot news! It looks pretty sure now that as of issue 5, we'll have
brand-new, original cover art by Kazuhisa Kondo, done just for us! That's
what I call good news! : ) I've no idea what he's going to do, but they'll
be "single mobile suits." I'm REALLY excited about this, especially since
it's pretty clear that Mr. Kondo is taking personal interest in the comic
and how it does in the States.

More on issue 1: I've had a couple of questions about why there wasn't
bonus material in the first issue. (Actually, there was, but only a little
and I wrote it myself.) But for future issues, we've been lucky enough to
have Mark Simmons of Gundam Project fame writing what amounts to an
introduction to the world of Gundam for us in installments - they're called
the "UC Insider," and explain stuff about the world, including the
colonies, mechanics, etc., plus important plot stuff that doesn't really
come up in the story, like the history behind Char. The amount of bonus
material depends on the length of the comic that issue - issue 2 has a big
section, issue 3 a small one. As of issue 5, there'll be long installments
pretty much right until the end of the 8-issue series, plus letters and
whatnot. (Fan art too, we hope.) I should mention that these will only be
available in the single issues - they won't be reprinted in any compilation
format, so if you're the type that waits for the graphic novels, you'll
miss out on all this bonus material, and it's good stuff.

Julie Davis
Gundam 0079

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