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Paul Fields asks,

>Alright folks with everything we learned yesterday about the
>Gundam GM, and 08th MS mobile suits, where do the newer
>RGM-79 Command, Space, Cold Climate and Sniper GMs
>come from?

  Okey-doke, let's run down some other GM variants...

RGM-79E: The GM that Sanders is piloting in the first episode of 08th MS
Team is supposedly of this type, a pre-production model specialized for
space combat. As such, it's the flip side of the RGM-79[G], and these
localized designs are ultimately discarded in favor of a one-size-fits-all
production model.

RGM-79L and RGM-79SC: The GM Light Armor and GM Sniper Custom were early
attempts to bump up the GM's performance for the benefit of veteran pilots
(specifically, veteran fighter pilots). The Light Armor accomplishes this
by stripping off lots of armor and upgrading the beam gun's firepower.

  The Sniper Custom, by contrast, piles on extra thrusters, manuevering
verniers, and cooling systems, plus extra armor and weaponry. Actually, the
Sniper Custom goes by several names, depending on its armament and mission;
in addition to sniper types with long-range beam rifles, there are
interceptor types used as ship escorts. About 50 were made, and variously
customized for their individual pilots.

RGM-79C: This is just a minor upgrade of the regular GM produced after the
end of the war. As such, it's part of a gradual evolution of the GM that
leads to the RGM-79R GM II.

RGM-79D: The Cold Climate GM seen in the first episode of 0080. In terms of
detailing, it seems to fit somewhere between the C type and the G type,
with internal changes for operating in arctic regions.

RGM-79G and RGM-79GS: The GM Commando appears to be a successor to the
standard GM, and like the pre-production types it comes in ground and space
flavors. If you compare the detailing of the C, D, and G types, you'll see
a series of progressive design changes culminating in the latter model.
However, it appears only in 0080, so either it was produced in small
numbers, never made it past the pre-production stage, or is an indication
that the 0080 staff weren't worrying their little heads about it.

RGM-79SP: The GM Sniper II is similar to the G type, with extra armor and
thrusters, plus long-range sensor gear on its head. Information on this guy
is sketchy, but perhaps its relation to the G type is the same as that of
the Sniper Custom to the original GM: A limited-edition custom version for
ace pilots. Despite its name, the two that appear in 0080 are armed with
the standard rinky-dink short-range machine guns. Designer Izubuchi
sketched a "beam rifle" for it, which you'll note has a clip loaded with

In a nutshell, we can divide these guys into three categories: Straight-up
upgrades (the C type, the GM II, et al), localized variants (the 08th MS
Team prototypes, the G and GS types, the D type), and customized units for
ace pilots (the L type, SC type, and perhaps the SP type). So far as I
know, Luna Two and Jaburo were the primary production sites, and after the
California Base was recaptured at the end of the war it probably became a
major GM factory as well.

-- Mark

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