[gundam] MSG GMs vs 0080 & 08th MS

Paul Fields (johnny_raiden@hotmail.com)
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 11:03:41 -0500

Alright folks with everything we learned yesterday about the
Gundam GM, and 08th MS mobile suits, where do the newer
RGM-79 Command, Space, Cold Climate and Sniper GMs
come from? I'm asking this because I don't want every unit in
the Federation to be made up of all the same GMs with a token
Guncannon to break up the monotony, but I also would only like
these MS to appear where it is appropriate. So do we have any
dates, and places where and when these things were built. I
know we mentioned Jaburo, and Luna 2 yesterday, are there
any more? Is all of this in the Manuals for the MG kits? Are there
any sources I should check for?


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