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Paul Fields (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 10:30:03 -0500

> If you can find a better, cheaper, faster way that doesn't screw the
>environment, they'd like to hear about it.

Actually Popular Mechanics ran a piece a few years ago on the old
Saturn Rockets which can deliver much more payload to orbit than our
space shuttle can, as can the Russian shuttle, our shuttle is a breadtruck
not a semi. The Japanese, Russians and French all have better designs
for shuttles, the Brittish design is great also, but except for the Japanese
no one has the money to build theirs.

> Which is why Mars won't be reached by Man for another 50-100 years at
>_least_, no matter what anyone does. The Technology, civilian or
>otherwise, simply doesn't exist right now.

Actually we have had the technology for years to put men on Mars, and
getting them back won't be a problem, but the vehicle to carry the fuel, air
and the rest for both trips would be HUGE. We have just recently broken
a record for Astronaughts spending time in space, all of this is in
for an eventual trip to Mars, but funding for such a huge craft, and finding
enough public interest to do it is sadly lacking. I don't think we sent our
little robot probe to Mars for nothing. I know we didn't send a probe to the
moon, we didn't make half the preparations then in the 60s that we do now
and the reason is there is no one pushing us to do anything. So now NASA
moves more slowly, "We can send an unmanned mission to any of the planets
now for less money than it takes to film a Hollywood movie" (or something to
that effect) but until we get our space station finished, unmanned probes
be all we'll be sending.


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