Re: [gundam] Civilian Space Travel

Der UberHanyok (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 00:31:13 -0500

<conspiracy theory / government control blah snipped>

yeah I hear ya. it's too bad really, I like the country but I absolutely detest
the US government, in pretty much every aspect of it that exists. Somehow
there's a way to get around it, but we gotta get those politicians out of the
way, all of 'em.

>>'sides, if you can get to mars in under three days, we shoulda definitely been
>>all over that planet by now. ain't it sad?
>Being able to get to Mars in three days doesn't do you any good if you turn
>the ship into a small star in a day and a half....

heheh, that's a good point. touche.

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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