Re: [gundam] I need some feedback on HLJ!

Der UberHanyok (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:43:03 -0500

>Can you give me some numbers on shipping? what you actually paid for. I have
>models to be shipped pretty soon. I'm estimating about 800 yen per model for
>Is this sound right?

yeah, that's a good estimate. the first shipment I got from them was 4 1/100
scale kits and I think the shippping was around 2500 yen or so... I just add up
the prices of the kits, figure 10 bucks to 1000 yen (higher than the current
exchange rate) and tack on about 5 bucks. So if your total is 4000 yen, that'd
be 40 dollars plus 5 bucks... and the box I got a few days ago where the price
total was 4,000 yen came to 43.00 and some odd cents on my credit card

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