Re: [gundam] Top-notch 1/100 kits..?

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Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:39:09 -0500

I can only really speak for the F91 and Silhouette Formula 91 kits. I think
they're pretty decent, and I've managed some pretty decent poses with my cluster
gundam from SF91. I've only got 1 F91 kit (A Vigna Gina XM-05 I think) but its
the same construction quality. I recommend both lines. (I've actually been
half-thinking about picking up a set of F91 kits recently.) As for the others, I
know some of the ZZ kits aren't that great (my second and third gundam kits ever
were a ZZ full-armor gundam sentinel, eewww yucky pale green plastic and an
S-gundam - somewhat better but still kinda rough.)

And the MG kits - those are 1/100 scale. heehee.

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Subject: [gundam] Top-notch 1/100 kits..?

> Heya guys.. With all the talk about Bandai re-making some of the classic MS
>into 1/144, i've decided I want to get as many 1/100s as possible.. With that,
>could someone name a few good 1/100s overall? Good in terms of detail,
>poseability [ugh, that's probably the wrong spelling..], looks to the
>original, etc, etc, etc. Aside from the Wing and X kits please. How's the
>original ZZ? How are the F90, F91, V and the Zeta's? Thanks.
> ~Gokou
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