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Rainbow Ten:
Will procure and deliver your models much, much faster than Hobbylink Japan, they answer your email inquiries in a very timely fashion, they will hunt for hard to find items for you, include an invoice with the order, wrap each and every model in a box individually to protect it and generally provide far superior and quicker service than Hobbylink Japan. I cannot recommend them enough. I buy all my models through them now and generally recieve them within two weeks of ordering.
Now their web page is a little clunky, and the order system leaves a bit to be desired (you have to copy and paste a form into your email client.) But they always leave me with the impression that even though I am a gaijin from the USA, (heh heh) my order is just as important to them as any other.

Also check out They specialize more in diecast and vintage toys and hobby items, but If you send Felix an email of your wants, he generally finds them. His prices are reasonable too. He is based in California, USA. If you are looking for fists and other accessories for your jumbo machinder, he's the man.


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On 3/31/99, at 6:53 PM, wrote:

>I need some info on HLJ? Is this a good company to get Gundam Models from? I
>ordered a lot of stuff from them and got my first feedback from them today.
>Some stuff that I ordered are backordered! Things like the Gundam Wing
>Endless Waltz 1/144 Crystal Version are backordered. I would like to know if
>anyone has ordered from them and got feedback from them saying that your item
>is backordered and was able to be in stock later on! Can anyone tell me where
>I can get the Crystal Version of the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz 1/144 Scale
>besides HLJ. Is HLJ a good company to buy things from? Will they be able to
>deliver those backorder items? Any info on HLJ is appreciated.
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