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I've been ordering stuff from HLJ since october, and when I first placed my
order, nothing was in stock. Since then, all but three of the items have come in
(a Mospeada, a Legioss, and a VF-1S 1/72 scale kit). The shipping is fast, the
prices good, the help responsive, and the staff dedicated. (I ordered a VF-1A,
VF-1D and VF-1S 1/72 kit back in october, since then they've gone out of print
and they've found two of the three for me already.)

I've also gotten numerous gundam models from them: an MG Zeta kit (my other 3
MGs I'd bought at a nearby import store but paid inflated prices for 'em),
pretty much the whole Silhouette Formula 91 series (those were on backorder for
quite some time as well, as I remember), and later tonight once I finish this
danged philosophy paper I'm probably going to put in another order for some
gundam markers I couldn't find anywhere else, along with an MG Gelgoog kit, a
GM, and perhaps something else.

All in all: you can't go wrong with these guys.

As for backorder times, well, you never can tell. I ordered some models in
october, and the first ones came in the second week of january. Shortly after
that some more were in stock, and so on and so on. There's no real way to tell
how long it will take, but chances are if its not a garage kit and its on
backorder, they'll get it for you.

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching
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>I need some info on HLJ? Is this a good company to get Gundam Models from? I
>ordered a lot of stuff from them and got my first feedback from them today.
>Some stuff that I ordered are backordered! Things like the Gundam Wing
>Endless Waltz 1/144 Crystal Version are backordered. I would like to know if
>anyone has ordered from them and got feedback from them saying that your item
>is backordered and was able to be in stock later on! Can anyone tell me where
>I can get the Crystal Version of the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz 1/144 Scale
>besides HLJ. Is HLJ a good company to buy things from? Will they be able to
>deliver those backorder items? Any info on HLJ is appreciated.
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