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Ali Tavakoly (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 13:21:33 -0800

Danny S. Kim wrote:

> I just spoke with artist in Digital Muse, they worked on 5 min teasure.
> I try to get a copy of demo, but he said Sunrise's very strict about it. ( Anyone
> got a copy? )
> Anyway, according to him, they are working on it right now.
> I guess that means, it passed the demo stage and they are actually working on the
> real thing!
> But, don't expect Jurassic Park or Starship Trooper quality. Digital Muse's a NT
> house works with
> Lightwave. It will be more less Voltron or Power Ranger movie. But, it's only a TV
> series anyway.

dude they made fx for the trek shows. Alos light wave is what they used for babylon 5
if you want to see what light wave can do goto here
both sites use light wave.

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