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Woo Lee writes,

>A few questions, I've seen the 'official' names of these two places as
>being Jabrow and Lunar 2 in both anime and games...are these the 'accepted'

  Be careful with the term "official"; just because something is
widely-used doesn't mean it's sanctioned by the creators. (Witness the term
"UNT Spacy," now officially disowned by Sunrise.)

  "Jabrow" was first used in the MS ERA coffee-table book, which in general
seems to either reflect the spelling preferences of Sunrise, or to have
helped shape those same preferences. This spelling subsequently appeared
on-screen in Gundam 0083, which is the main reason AnimeVillage used it.
However, Sunrise's recently-drafted official spelling list has it as
"Jaburo," which is what you'll probably be seeing in any future Japanese

  As for "Lunar 2," to the best of my recollection the official spelling
list has it as "Luna 2," which makes sense given that it's supposed to be a
second moon. Since the Japanese rendition spells out the number as "tsu,"
rather than using a Japanese or English digit, I'd have written it out as
"Luna Two," but they don't ask me these things. ;-)

  Since the official Sunrise spellings, the AnimeVillage spellings, and the
various unofficial spellings we've seen over the years seldom agree, you
might consider these matters a question of personal preference. Personally,
I'm going with the Sunrise "Jaburo" since it's harder to mispronouce, and I
have an irrational fondness for writing out "Luna Two."

The tougher question, though, is whether to go with the AnimeVillage "Duchy
of Zeon" or Sunrise's long-awaited official rendition, "Principality of
Zeon"? For the Gundam 0079 comic, Viz ended up going with "Duchy" since it
a) maintains consistency with other English-language products and b) is
easier to squeeze into Kondo's tiny word balloons... <grin>

-- Mark

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