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Correct ^^ there are two models as you've decsribed,,and as for Nadia's
Title "Fushigi no Uma no Nadia", Fushigi means Strange/Mysterious/etc
and Umi means Sea/Ocean/ so
the translations will come out to be Nadia of the Mysterious Seas...which
I think is pretty close to the official name...what ever it was ^^

> In a message dated 31/3/99 03:58:17PM, you write:
> << Um. shouldn't that be KaTSUmi? because technically there isn't a TU
> sound in Japanese, not in that Gyo.(or was that Dan?).. Isn't there a
> Japanese on this list? Won't "Fusigi no Umi no Nadia" means "Nadia of Umi of
> Fusigi"? >>
> That was the point I think he was trying to make.
> There are several ways of romanising Japanese, but there are two main groups.
> Most English speaking learners of Japanese use the modified Hepburn system,
> which is easier for us to see the pronunciations, but there is another system
> which is more regular (although it doesn't look right to most English
> speakers)
> Hepburn Other system (?)
> shi si
> tsu tu
> ji(on) zi(on)
> I could demonstrate by drawing up a Japanese syllabery table, but I've been
> off-topic enough fer my first post to the list (sorry..)
> Si
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