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Paul Fields writes,

>Others varied on wether or not the GM got the Learning Computer, as
>it wasn't a prototype, but was the purpose of the learning computer to
>learn all of the fighting data it could for the GMs. Or was it as Amuro had
>said in the beginning so that the MS Pilot had a lower learning curve to
>begin piloting the thing.

  This isn't a matter of controversy: The GM absolutely does not have a
learning computer. The learning computer in the Gundam, like that of the
other prototypes, was meant to gather test data that could then be used to
program the mass-produced units. This gives every GM a certain base level
of fighting skill, which helps compensate for the Federation's
inexperienced pilots.

  I think we can assume that the same system would be used in later mobile
suits; for all we know, a test run with a learning computer-equipped
prototype might be a standard part of the mobile suit development process,
though we've never seen this illustrated in the animation.

Probe writes,

> Same design, pretty much the same _material_, but it's produced in
>gravity rather than the low-gee production of the Gundam's lunar titanium
>armor. So it's more of a lower _quality_ armor.

  It's not just the lack of gravity that makes Luna titanium so boss -
otherwise the Zeons would have it too, eh? Rather, it's the product of a
long, complicated, and expensive manufacturing process that can only be
performed in space... much like Gundam W's Gundanium alloy.

> Now, I've heard that there were some Fed factories producing GMs on
>"Luna Two" or something like that. I don't know how true that is in the
>continuity, but if it IS, then it stands to reason that _those_ GMs would
>have the same sort of armor as the Gundam.

  Not so, as noted above. And yes, Luna Two was one of the production sites
for the GM, though Jaburo was obviously the main one. I'd expect that, up
until the end of the war, Luna Two was probably busy cranking out Balls
(which would seem to be harder to construct under gravity, eh?).

-- Mark

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