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<< Um. shouldn't that be KaTSUmi? because technically there isn't a TU
 sound in Japanese, not in that Gyo.(or was that Dan?).. Isn't there a
 Japanese on this list? Won't "Fusigi no Umi no Nadia" means "Nadia of Umi of
 Fusigi"? >>

That was the point I think he was trying to make.
There are several ways of romanising Japanese, but there are two main groups.
Most English speaking learners of Japanese use the modified Hepburn system,
which is easier for us to see the pronunciations, but there is another system
which is more regular (although it doesn't look right to most English
Hepburn Other system (?)
shi si
tsu tu
ji(on) zi(on)

I could demonstrate by drawing up a Japanese syllabery table, but I've been
off-topic enough fer my first post to the list (sorry..)

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