Re: [gundam] 08th Team episode11...

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:52:48 PST

Hoo boy...

>> there's no way he can catch it in time. According to Fed
>> Apsaras III can fly out to space by itself!
> Yeah, that doesn't make sense. But it doesn't matter. We all know
>going to stop the monster MA with the power of LUUUV!
> "If you want this mobile armor"
> "First you gotta fight through my friends"
> "Gundam may go on forever"
> "But this is how side stories ends!

LOL! Brought to you by the Spice Gundams!

The funny thing is, if you pronounce it just the right Cockney, you can
sound like "Space Gundams" and ERALLY screw people up...

Mark-II, thinking up REALLY bad ideas for Gundam fan art...
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