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> > Although Ground units didn't have the same Backpack as the Gundam.
> I dunno... the 8MST GM seems to have the exact same backpack (Sans
> sabers) that the Gundam has.
> > The Armor is inferior material, but many of the parts are the same.
> Same design, pretty much the same _material_, but it's produced in
> gravity rather than the low-gee production of the Gundam's
> lunar titanium
> armor. So it's more of a lower _quality_ armor.

Hum. I thought the majority of GMs are made in Jaburow. But a non-trivia
amount of GM are made in Luna 2, which would make it as good as Gundam's
shield. (Could these be the Commander's GM, GM Sniper, and GM Commando?)

> > them, so expectations were lowered a bit for the soldier's
> mecha, and thus
> > was the GM born. Mark also illustrates the 08th MS mecha as
> being sort of
> > half way long in that process, in the period that the
> timeline says the Feds
> Which makes some sense. The Fed would have made fleets of gundams if
> they could have afforded it, and armored them with LT if they
> had orbital
> facilities.
> Now, I've heard that there were some Fed factories producing GMs on
> "Luna Two" or something like that. I don't know how true that
> is in the
> continuity, but if it IS, then it stands to reason that
> _those_ GMs would
> have the same sort of armor as the Gundam.

See my above comments. These Luna 2 made GMs could have been the Space
Speciality GMs with Beam Rifle and other enhancements.

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