[gundam] Gundam VS GMs Answered

Paul Fields (johnny_raiden@hotmail.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:39:19 -0500

So the consensus was this

The Bazooka Vulcans, Backpack and Beam Saber were the exact same.
Although Ground units didn't have the same Backpack as the Gundam.

The Armor is inferior material, but many of the parts are the same.

The Shields carried by both are of inferior material to the Gundam's
Armor plating, as the shield is just a throw away like todays blowoff
armor for tanks it is reasonable to assume they both used the same

The GM has a more compact Torso section which keeps more of the
cooling units, and others vital systems behind the thicker torso armor.

Nobody agreed on the ammo carried by the GM Vulcans, because the
GM has a smaller head than the Gundam, but it has only one sensor in
the head and less space was use for that, so I'm going to say they have
the same.

Others varied on wether or not the GM got the Learning Computer, as
it wasn't a prototype, but was the purpose of the learning computer to
learn all of the fighting data it could for the GMs. Or was it as Amuro had
said in the beginning so that the MS Pilot had a lower learning curve to
begin piloting the thing. Or does one complement the other in that once
the Gundam learned all it needed the GM would never need one because
all of the data they would ever need was gathered by the Gundam.

And the last word was that Gundam were supposed to be Mass Produced
like the GunCannon, but were too costly to field hundreds, and thousands of
them, so expectations were lowered a bit for the soldier's mecha, and thus
was the GM born. Mark also illustrates the 08th MS mecha as being sort of
half way long in that process, in the period that the timeline says the Feds
a few MS they were testing with, but hadn't yet hit full production.

Not to dredge up an old thread, but in 0080 when everyone seemed in Side 6
turned into Gundam fans was probably in the aftermath of WhiteBase leaving
and everyone Char, and Lalah included watched the whole thing on TV,
by that time Garma Zavi had been killed by a Federation MS, if it were
like today everyone would have wanted to know how he died, not just that he
of course I can seen Zeon tabloids selling that story, FEDERATION MS KILLS
GARMA ZAVI, and of course no one still knows Amuro's name.


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