Re: [gundam] Gundam VS GMs Questions

Paul Fields (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:39:47 -0500

>> >would have to be different. Alternatively, the Gundam's shield could use
>> >the same generic titanium that the GM is armored with...
>> That would certainly follow what I've seen in the anime -- the Gundam
>> shield gets cut in half, melted through and broken a number of times, but
>> the Gundam itself doesn't suffer any similar damage until the final
> Though that is probably just anime-drama (I.e., you can't wound the
>hero, but it's almost as dramatic to bash-up his shield!)... it would
>explain alot of things, though it seems odd to armor your MS better than
>its shield.. I mean, why use a shield then?
> -Probe

Well for one, what about Bazooka rounds, the only OYW weapon
that a Zaku carried that it could conceivably damage the Gundam
with was its Bazooka. But if the Bazooka hit the Shield, and destroyed
it completely, the Gundam torso would still be a few meters from the
center of the blast, even if you lose an arm you don't lose the whole
machine, but as South Burning proved, even minor torso hits can be

If I remember the opening sequence for the beginning of Zeta had a
shot illustrating the point of the shield, when the Gundam Mk II comes
out of the smoke cloud unscathed.


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