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>What about nuclear engines? I know people made a big fuss about a rocket that
>was launched a year or so back because it had a nuclear power source...
>some kind of reactor work, or do I just have a misunderstanding of the way
>things work?

        I'm not qualified to say much, but a nuclear REACTOR can only
provide power, not thrust.. current tech require a propellant, using
action-reaction to push the vehicle forward, but nuclear reactors generate
power by heating water/medium (as far as I know..=) to drive a turbine. But
there was this idea to detonate _nukes_ to propel a spacecraft...

        Nuclear reactors will probable be used in any major spacecrafts of
the future along with solar power, since any other current powerplant is
unreliable enough/ uses too much fuel for use in space. I read something
about a fuel cell somewhere when I was younger, can anyone bring me up to
date? Anyway, the hoo-haa about the spacecraft you mention was because pple
were afraid a leak will contaminate the atmosphere.. not an unwarranted
fear, but still..

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