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Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:21:46 +0100

>The soft /g/ phoneme is represented by /j/ or /z/ and, in fact, the
>similarity of the latter two phonemes is why some fans used "Jion" or
>"Gion" (soft /g/, but hey! they were English-speakers) instead of the
>politically troublesome "Zion" -- a problem now solved by the advent of
>"Zeon" as the offical spelling.

But 'Jion' and 'Zion' are just a question of how it's romanised. [There are
two main styles, 'Jion' is one style, and the 'Zion' is in the other]
To be consistant, if you refer to the Archduchy as Zion, then you should
also, strictly speaking, refer to the character from Silent Mobius as Katumi
Liqueur, and refer to Nadia as Fusigi no Umi no Nadia. [Because that style
of romanisation aims for consistency of spelling, rather than pronunciation,
so there are no 'differing' spellings.]

God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.

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