Re: [gundam] Gundam VS GMs Questions
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 01:03:35 EST

If I remember correctly:

                 Gundam RX-78 RGM-79

Bazooka Standard Definitely the same. I see no reason to
change it.

Shield Standard I think its the same material, but
could have been
                                           down graded for mass production.
Would be cheaper.

Core Block Standard Is indeed available, but not necessarily
used do
                                           too excessive cost. The Core Block
Engine is just a

60 MM Vulcans Standard I've always believed they had the same guns
                                           the same ammo payload. Could be a
smaller payload.

Learning Comp Standard I would think so, since it's what makes a GM
                                          GM, and not a down graded Gun

Beam Rifle Standard Same beam rifle when used, but mostly
                                           a 90 mm Rifle with the same number
of shots
                                           until the Custom GM, which had 30

Backpack Standard Different on the Standard GM, but the same
                                           the Command and Support GM's, I

I hope that helps some,

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