Re: [gundam] Hobby Japan 5

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 21:27:27 -0700 (MST)

> GEX also has some line art for the upcoming Zaku I. Looks like its going to
> have a real two section cockpit hatch rather than a single hatch that folds

   Hey! Now THAT'S what I wanted to hear! Something new and different and
unique! I expect the internal design of the legs and body/legs/arms are
indentical to those of the Zaku-II though right?

> downwards. And it may come with some kind of twin rocket grenade launcher.

  Huh? Doesn't sound like a real Gundam weapon to me...

> Also interesting is some line art of various marine MS like the zugock,
> hygog, aggai juagg and gog. Maybe they're considering these for the 1/144
> lineup?

  That would be really cool!

> The PG Zaku review looks good too. I like the skirt armor that breaks apart
  That is a nice touch, almost romanesque! And it's about time too, I was
dissappointed that the MG Zaku couldn't do this.
> to allow more leg movement. But I never expected the internal frame to be so
> similar to the Gundam's.

  That's a pity, but then again, Bandai's gotta recycle SOMETHING. So, I
guess the whole Monocoque deal is out the window, etc?

> BTW there're photos of the TurnA gundam kit too. IMO it looks awful. I
> prefer some fanart interpretations to this.

  I know... Eeeigh. Did they show the "Flat" or the "Walking Dome"?


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