[gundam] Hobby Japan 5

Dept of Chemical and Biological Warfare (mdknight@pacific.net.sg)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:52:06 +0800

Hobby Japan Issue 5 has announced that Katoki's Gundam Fix will be released
on 7-14 April 1999. It's Y4800 (!) and comes in 96 B4 pages.

GEX also has some line art for the upcoming Zaku I. Looks like its going to
have a real two section cockpit hatch rather than a single hatch that folds
downwards. And it may come with some kind of twin rocket grenade launcher.

Also interesting is some line art of various marine MS like the zugock,
hygog, aggai juagg and gog. Maybe they're considering these for the 1/144

The PG Zaku review looks good too. I like the skirt armor that breaks apart
to allow more leg movement. But I never expected the internal frame to be so
similar to the Gundam's.

BTW there're photos of the TurnA gundam kit too. IMO it looks awful. I
prefer some fanart interpretations to this.

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