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>within the Earth Sphere. Constant boost at 1-g acceleration would get you
>from Earth to the Moon in 3 **HOURS** rather than 3 days, with a total
>delta-V of 122 km/sec.
>With constant boost at 1-g, you could travel 63,500 km in an hour, AU (=
>37,500,000 km) in a day, 12 AU in a week, 200 AU in a month and a
>lightyear (discouting relativistic effects) in a year. You could travel to
>Mars or Venus in 68 hours, to the asteroid belt in 119 hours (5 days), to
>Jupiter in 206 hours (8 days) or and Pluto in 485 hours (20 days). The
>problem is you'd need delta-V on the order of 2,421 km/sec, 4,194 km/sec,
>7,265 km/sec and 17,123 km/sec, respectively.

now I know you went on to explain why this was hideously resource-wasting but
think about it: if its gonna be a one-way trip, then why the HELL hasn't anybody
tried it yet? I'm quite sure if people actually wanted to they could work for a
year or so, come up with some designs, build a spaceship and get some real
progress made.

'sides, if you can get to mars in under three days, we shoulda definitely been
all over that planet by now. ain't it sad?

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