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>Paul Fields writes,
>>Hello All, just a little question, I've never had a RX-78-2,
>>and GM in the same scale unfortunately, but am wondering
>>if the RGM-79, and RX-78-2 Gundam both used the EXACT
>>same shield, not just style, but same material and everything.
> It's not really clear. If the Gundam's shield is made of the same Luna
>titanium as its body, then this material would surely be too expensive to
>manufacture thousands of GM shields (after all, it's too expensive to be
>used to armor the GMs themselves). In that event, the shield materials
>would have to be different. Alternatively, the Gundam's shield could use
>the same generic titanium that the GM is armored with...

That would certainly follow what I've seen in the anime -- the Gundam
shield gets cut in half, melted through and broken a number of times, but
the Gundam itself doesn't suffer any similar damage until the final episode....


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