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Chris Beilby (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 19:21:23 -0800

Danny S. Kim wrote:

> Anyone have any trick to make decals or stickers look real?
> I always have problem with decals that come with the model, it make model
> look so fake.
> It destroys my effort on painting, once you put that decal on. It looks like
> a toy.
> I try to paint my own logos on my model, but some logos to small to draw.
> Let me know if you have special trick that you use.
> Danny
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  Danny, are you using the peel and stick decals that Bandai distributes with
the kits? If so, the only way to prevent them from looking fake is to not use
them at all. Unfortunately, unless you are extremely good at hand painting
markings, or steal water or Dry transfer decals from other kits for the generic
markings, you are stuck.

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