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>1) there was a guntank in F91? whoah!

Yes, but not the one you might think. It's the R-44 Variable Guntank,
which is reminiscent of Kia Asimiya's GUNHED mecha, in that it has a
"mobility" mode (folded down into a classic tank) and a "standing" mode
(the traditional Guntank). No explanation for the "R-44" model number,
which doesn't fit any of the known numbering conventions. 44th of its line?

>2) how's gelgoog pronounced, exactly? I've always pronounced it "gelgoog" with
>hard "G" sounds... is that right or is it "Jelgoog" or "Geljooj" or somethin
>even more whack?

Japanese doesn't have a soft /g/ phoneme, so any time you see the letter G,
it should be a hard /g/ phoneme. In other words, "g" as in "good" -- so
"Gelgoog" should sound like something going down a drain... (^_^);

The soft /g/ phoneme is represented by /j/ or /z/ and, in fact, the
similarity of the latter two phonemes is why some fans used "Jion" or
"Gion" (soft /g/, but hey! they were English-speakers) instead of the
politically troublesome "Zion" -- a problem now solved by the advent of
"Zeon" as the offical spelling.


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