Re: [gundam] [REVIEW] Mastergrade GM!

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:19:55 -0700 (MST)

> But Crazy Probe! When are you gonna put your hilarious review on your web

  It should be there within this week I imagine....

> site? And when are you gonna photograph all your cool painting schemes
> and modification and show us newbie how to do it?

  Hee hee! Good idea, as soon as I get a digital camera I'll do the
pictures, but I think I generally describe what I'm doing in the review,

> stickers on the 0080 and 08MST kits are nice, until you actually read it,
> they read "CAUTION/AVOID EXCESSIVE USE/OF CON-TROLLE" I mean what the hell
> is that? The spelling is wrong, and the message is non-sense! These

  These ones say the same thing, but then they continue and say "Specially
in case of ..." and there's some more technobabble after that which I
could read without a magnifier. I'll check tonight.

> warning labels are for maintainance and ground crews to read, right? And

  That's what I'd think.

> they put on skirt armors, backpack and even the frigging guns! Who the

  The hilarious thing is that the weapons are LABELED: "Beam Rifle",
"360mm Bazooka", I mean, that's just silly.

> hell would "use excessive con-trolle" from these places? It should be
> "Stand Clear of Exhaust", "Warning! Gun muzzle may be hot!" or even
> something simple like "High Voltage" would be cool.

  Yeah, but those labels would have to be customized for the kit, and
Bandai hates that.

> That's it? What about squardon logos like screaming mantis or stinging
> hornet? I guess there's no ordinals for making "41st" or "104th"? How

  Nope, sorry. But Verlinden makes a nice set of 1/72-scale aircraft
insignia and numbers and warning dry-transfers that would work well.
Bandai includes 'personal insignia' only on custom MS generally. If we
ever got a GM-N then I might expect to see some again.

> many EFSF logos are there? A real life fighter has typically 6 USAF

  I think on the order of just two. And just one, very small, Federation

> logos of different sizes on it, a tank has at least 3, but the 1/144
> models has only 1 on the MS and 1 on the shield (if that many).

  Yeah, that kinda bugs me too! They should be PROUD to be part of the
Federation! There should be big Feddie symbols EVERYWHERE!

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