[gundam] Gundam VS GMs Questions

Paul Fields (johnny_raiden@hotmail.com)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 18:49:25 -0500

Hello All, just a little question, I've never had a RX-78-2,
and GM in the same scale unfortunately, but am wondering
if the RGM-79, and RX-78-2 Gundam both used the EXACT
same shield, not just style, but same material and everything.
I'm working on a RPG and was using the Japanese 0079
Gundam RPG as a base, but it states the Gundam Shield is
Tougher, and Easier to block with. The Bazooka Beam Saber,
and Vulcans are all the same, which again seems odd because
the GMs beam saber has less of a power supply to depend on
than that of the Gundam, the Vulcan also has less shots, but I'll
buy the excuse that the head is smaller. What other differences
are there that I may not be aware of? The following is a list of
Items that the GM and Gundam have listed in various sources,
but I curious as to which ones they share. And for anyone who
knows are the parts of the GM, and Gundam interchangeable,
ANY of them. The Arms look the same as do the hands, and the
Torso, except for the hatch, but we know they aren't the same
because the GM doesn't have a core block system. I'll accept
lazy animators for that one too if no one knows.

                               Gundam RX-78 RGM-79

    Bazooka Standard Same?
    Shield Standard Inferior Material?
    Core Block Standard Not Avail
    60 MM Vulcans Standard Same Gun, Less Ammo?
    Learning Comp Standard Avail?
    Beam Rifle Standard Cheaper, More Shots?
    Backpack Standard Inferior, or

I know many people don't buy into the GM as a mass produced
Gundam, but I tend to think of the Gundam Mk II, and the RX-79
Ground type from 08th MS as Mass Produced Gundams, and
GMs to be VW Beetles compared to Porsche 911s, both from
the same design scheme, aimed at two different levels of field
performance, and cost.


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