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Vince Leon (vleon@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 13:22:05 -0700

With the kits I build, I first place a coat of gloss coat and I use "decal
set" instead of water, both of these items help the decal set to the model
which in turn give it a more realistic look. At these point you can then
use gloss or dull coat as a sealer. And if you want to make your own
logos, just buy some blank decal sheets (I heard that some are designed to
be used in laser printers) and make decals out of them.

Ways a decal can ruin a model
1) contrasting shine (glossy decal on a dull coated model)
2) air bubbles
3) not contouring to the model

maybe I should add a section on decals to my web page.

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Anyone have any trick to make decals or stickers look real?
I always have problem with decals that come with the model, it make model
look so fake.
It destroys my effort on painting, once you put that decal on. It looks
a toy.
I try to paint my own logos on my model, but some logos to small to draw.
Let me know if you have special trick that you use.


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