Re: [gundam] two minor questions

Doc (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 20:28:25 +0800

>> 1) there was a guntank in F91? whoah!
>Yes. A Transformable Guntank that was in the Museum. I'm not sure of when the
>design dates from in the timeline, though. Maybe Mark S or someone else can
>help us there.

I too have always wondered where (and when) the R-44 Guntank fits into
the great MS development scheme... the height of the MS suggests it was
developed much later than the CCA although the transforming concept
doesn't seem like SNRI's kind of thing...

Perhaps an Anaheim design which was never fully developed?

Strangely, compared to previous transforming MS designs (Zeta, Psycho,
etc.), the Guntank has always struck me as a "tank which could transform
into an MS", and not the other way around...

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