Re: [gundam] MUSH Coders needed

Operator7g - Michael Ip (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:42:57 +1200

Chris Beilby wrote:

> I am currently looking for someone with some experience in MUSH coding,
> to help me construct a new MUSH based on Mobile Suit Gundam. If you are
> interested, please email me off list.

one of my University colleagues has his own MUD (FL, I don't know if you
have played it), but he's kinda (more like very) busy with his thesis at the
moment, and among other things, his own MUD and playing a graphical MUD
called Ultima Online :) Anyway, I could ask him if he is interested when he
is free...

> You should be experienced in MUSH code, and familiarity with Gundam,
> Mekton, And/or Fuzion is a definite plus.

That he will not have, but atleast I wil be there for some direct persoanl
communications :)

yeah yeah, my spelling sucks, so what?

Michael Ip

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