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Richie Ramos (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 13:02:27 +0800

>I'm thinking of getting the 1:144 scale set of 0083 kits, namely
>GP01B, GP02 AND GP03. Do they require a lot of work to look good?
>I noticed that they aren't HG models.

        Uhmmm...though I like the kits, I have to admit that they look horrible
without a paint job, specially the gp02, which has to rank up there as one
of the most horrible from the box kits ever made....the gp03 is the best,
but it still needs a lot of work...the normal arms are cast in white
plastic, yes, but the extending arms are in GRAY! I heard of stupid, but....

>The only kits I've done are the 08th MS Zaku II, Gouf Custom, Gouf
>Flight type and SD Gundams. The 08th MS kits look great even without
>any painting as they are molded in roughly the right colours.

        The o8 kits are light years from the 0083 kits....

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