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At 08:02 3/29/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> > "But Crazy Probe! What about the other saber?"
>> Question: Is the saber similar to Mk. II's saber? I lost my tip, so
> Nah, I think it's a copy of the regular Gundam's saber. So, still

        DArn. Oh well, maybe my Mk. II can get away with using "old" sables,
while the GM gets to use a "new" one! =)

>looking for a tip, huh? It might be easier to carve your own out of a
>simple cube of plastic, after all, it's a very simple-looking saber.

        I'm lazy, that's why! =) maybe when I have the time to find the
parts.. too busy with school work right now.

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