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> I'm thinking of getting the 1:144 scale set of 0083 kits, namely
> GP01B, GP02 AND GP03. Do they require a lot of work to look good?
> I noticed that they aren't HG models.
> The only kits I've done are the 08th MS Zaku II, Gouf Custom, Gouf
> Flight type and SD Gundams. The 08th MS kits look great even without
> any painting as they are molded in roughly the right colours.
> Would the 0083 kits look presentable without any painting? As I have
> limited modelling skills, I only plan to fill in the panel lines with
> a technical marker. Any advice or comments? >>
> I think I speak for everyone here when I say RUN AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!!
> if you want good 1/144 scale mechs stay with 0080 or else go master grades,
> but the 0083 models are horrible, especially the GP-02a
> Jason
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  When I did the GP-01 and GP-01 FB, the amount of painting I had to do made me
think that I was building an american kit, and not Bandai.

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