Re: [gundam] Viz 0079 series?

Michael Garner (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:02:37 -0500

>>I bought a copy of this. The first four pages were painted, so they look
>Huh? I thought Viz just printed it in B&W instead of giving it the 4
>colored page it deserved.

The pieces where painted, but not nessary in color. The four pages are done
in in b&w, however they where painted instead of the usual ink drawings.
It gave it a cool sense of tecture, and successfully set the mood, where ink
may fail.

>>The rest of his technical drawings are good, but his characters
>>are a tad weaker.
>If you think his characters are weak, you haven't seen weak until you see
>his Zeta characters. :)

Someone said that these were some of his stronger characters (besides you).
Upon hearing this, all I had to say is Yipe! It's a shame that he only has
really strong talents in Mechincal design.


Michael Garner

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